MINSK, BELARUS – Belarusian entrant of Eurovision 2007, Dmitry Koldun is releasing a brand new album with ten songs titled “Big City Lights”. The new album is an aspiration of 15 years of thoughts and internal research for Dmitry Koldun. Pure sounds for all songs without synthetic sounds in it.

More than half of the lyrics in the album are writen by Dmitry himself. “Whatever happens, it’s important not to stop and go forward, the main things is to be appreciated by people… Life is striped, it is also true… it is necessary to believe and wanting to move on. What I want is to share with my audience again my songs… Happiness will say “hi” again and everything will be great” he says.

The new album is available as of October 5th for pre-ordering on iTunes. In addition those who pre-order the album they can now get the single “Heart” (Сердцем) which features Kate Gordon. Official release is set for October 29th.


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